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Carol Schrader portrait with bottles
Extensive Resource

In wine, I have done most everything outside of making the juice. I respectfully and happily leave that magic to the talents of the winemaker and their team. Creative design for brand identity, packaging, and merchandise. Vision for marketing and promotions. Strategy for sales and logistics. Brand representation in ownership transaction negotiations and diligence preparation. These are among the successes in my tool kit, along with sharing entertaining stories about my experiences and learnings in the wine industry.  


My role in wine is to make certain everything that happens outside the cellar flows smoothly for customers, winery management, and corresponding teams. 

Schrader, wine, design, consulting, Napa Valley



Brand identity

Wine package


Collateral materials

Business materials

Print production supervision


Brand message

Promotional programs

Merchandise development

In-market events

On-site events


Direct to consumer

VIP trade accounts, specialty (direct)

National trade  (distributor)

Library reserve (direct to consumer & distributor)

Custom client programs

Auction market

Compliance supervision

Fulfillment supervision


Wine package, dry goods production

New product development

Bottling coordination

Finished goods transfer coordination

Insurance management


Transaction team coordination

Sell book development

Brand asset preparation

Organization preparation

Compliance preparation 

Due diligence research & performance

Contract negotiation representation

Closing preparations

Communication strategy & development - media, trade, consumer

Closing celebration

Asset transfer & deliverable fulfillment

Team Leadership 

Team recruitment & training

Best practices development

Company policies development

Performance oversight


Inventory flow system

Inventory control & reconciliation

Library management & market placement

Special program package customization

Accounting  | Budget

Budget development & reconciliation

Effective cost planning & purchasing

Production & sales forecasting

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